5 Strategies to Help Improve Your Online Rankings

SEO is an ever-evolving beast that has gone through significant changes over the years. TBS has some solid strategies for growing authority and search visibility that you can confidently apply in 2017

Securing higher search rankings isn’t as simple or straightforward as it used to be. As we delve deeper into this internet age, businesses are becoming more invested in Search Engine Optimisation and as a result; search ranking algorithms have become significantly smarter and more advanced. As a result of this, applying certain techniques that were once considered to be standard practice are now considered grey/black-hat and can render you with some penalising set-backs.

Still, we need to build links, we need create traffic and we need to gain rankings. So how can we manage to pull it off without breaking the rules? Check out these 5 powerful, white-hat strategies that will certainly bring you every success.

1: Using Infographics

Biggest Lies on Internet Graphic

The 5 Biggest Lies on the Internet


Infographics are a brilliant way to make your point quickly and thoroughly, which is why they are so incredibly popular. You can provide viewers with a significant amount of information without boring them to death with a lifeless block of text. Infographics are not only bright, vibrant and exciting; but they are also an effective way of getting top-quality bank links from other websites.

The trick to this success is all about embedding. Include a request to link back to your website inside the embed code; this way when people are using your infographic they will more than likely use it to link back to your website. Granted there are those who will ignore it, but for the most part people will attribute you accordingly, as we are doing in the infographic above.

2: Guest Posts

While guest posts are a really easy way to achieve back-links, most bloggers tend to not particularly care so much about the depth of the content. The standard practise was to just squeeze in as many keywords to your 500 word articles as possible, without putting much thought toward the readers concerns.

This is a great opportunity for you to step up and start creating some authoritative, rich and unique content for your guest posts. By creating more relevant posts you will naturally gain more authority through social media shares and other signs of quality that search engines like Google, admire and reward.

3: Personalised blogs by your employees or CEO

Shadow SEO Workers in Suits

We all like writing about SEO

Blogging is the easiest and most natural way for you to connect with your customers on a personal level. By opting for personalised blogs you are creating a way for your potential customers and clients to be able to experience your products or services on a more personal level.

This can be done in a more traditional, conversationalist style, blogging about their own interests which will likely overlap with your product or service. (If you sell cars, I’d imagine your staff will have an interest in writing or talking about cars too)

You can do this is a number of ways, either by having one central blog that everyone can contribute to; or perhaps with their own domains occasionally referring back to your company website where appropriate.


4: Share Content on Social Media

Social Share Button

"Share Me Please!"

If you really want to achieve higher rankings on search engines, then you will need to share as much content, as often as you can. It’s all about building your brand visibility through social media these days, as so many posts are shared between users on a daily basis.

This is where creating useful and creative content comes in handy once again. You need to provide the reader with a solution. For example: 5 Strategies to Help Improve Your Online Rankings.

As you continue to provide valuable information for users, they will begin engaging with your website more and more which will in turn equate to a larger number of conversions from search to sale.


5: Using Different Multimedia


Multi Media Product Images

Using videos, images, slideshows and audio are all excellent ways to enrich the user experience on your website. This flexibility also allows you to provide your potential customers with information in a way that is more accessible to them.

The use of videos in social media for example, in some ways is more successful than even the most in-depth and informative article (depending on your target audience of-course). The use of multimedia also serves as an indication of quality content to search engines. Rather than just slapping down a load of keywords into a block of text, you have put in more thought and effort.

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