5 Tips for Turning Your Organic Traffic into Regular Buyers


1 – Write Authentic and Engaging Product Descriptions

Always remember that simply getting visitors through to your website is the easy part. It’s converting those visitors into paying customers that’s important. Which is why you should turn your efforts towards developing creative product descriptions. They’re only a click or two away from your competitor’s websites; so, you need to draw their attention and show them that they’ve come to the right place.

By adding descriptive text to your product pages you’re able to highlight your products features and benefits, while giving voice to your brands personality.

In order to do this effectively you’ll need to aid their imagination. Using simple yet precise language, have the reader picture themselves using your products. How well do they work? How will the buyer feel? Will your products improve their lives?

Find a way to connect with your audience, rather than just flatly describing your items with technical words and generic sales spiel.

2 – Now or Never!

Red "Buy Now" StampPeople will always find a way to talk themselves out of a purchase. If you want to really up your conversion rates, you’re going to have to create a sense of urgency. It’s not about being pushy or trying to cause your potential buyers to panic; but simply giving them a little nudge. They already want these products after all, which is why they are browsing.

Effective ways of creating urgency are showing a limited number of items in stock, or by highlighting your more popular items as being in high-demand. The fear of missing out is often too much!

3 – Prompt and Quality Customer Support

Customer service agent giving a "thumbs-up"

It’s no secret that happy customers tell their friends and family about their experiences. By delivering high-quality customer support throughout the entire process, you’re more likely in not only securing yourself new business via word of mouth; but you’ll also increase the likelihood for repeat business.

You need to create a structure which enables you to offer fast and friendly support. Our time is precious, particularly when it comes to online shopping. Resolve your potential buyer’s issues quickly and with a sincere, personal touch.

This is the key to building trust with your audience; communication. Any interaction with your customer, no matter how small, is invaluable when securing customer loyalty.

4 – Build an Attractive Community

Coloured dots representing a community


One which customers will want to be a part of. We humans are an odd bunch and have an inherent desire to be included. You can make your customers feel included in a number of different ways, from VIP rewards, return customer discounts, or simply by introducing a dialog where customers can offer their own insight on your products and service.

Be careful though, as it’s all too easy to bombard your customers with text messages, emails and pop-ups. It can become a nuisance if you go overboard, though with the right tone and frequency; it becomes undeniably viable.

5 – “One More Thing Before You Go!”

Nobody likes to see a potential buyer leave their website. You’ve done all you can and yet still, they decide to cross the tab off and move on with their search. Well, you can indeed have one final stab at closing the deal with what’s called an ‘Exit Pop-Up Offer’.

This is basically a window that pops up as a potential buyer is attempting to leave the website. This allows you to focus their attention back on your products and store and offer them an instant discount. Say, 10% off if they go ahead with their purchase today.

To some it may seem desperate, though it’s a great phycological tool which can make the buyer feel as though they’re in a position of power. They unknowingly won the negotiation and grabbed themselves a deal! Be as creative as you like with this – make them an offer they can’t refuse.

 Stand Out

All in all, it’s about standing out from the crowd and demonstrating to your audience that your products and services are worthwhile. Describe your products in a more exciting and engaging way, create the best offers and support your customers in every way that you can. If you want to gain their trust and ensure their loyalty you need to be the kind of business that you yourself would like to deal with.

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