Constant Content – 5 Ideas for Creating Unique and Regular Content

If I were to tell you that roughly 94% of marketers cannot confidently claim to be properly executing content marketing strategies; you’d probably think that I were trying to scare you into hiring our services. Though like it or not, the fact remains that fewer than 6% actually feel as though they have their content marketing locked down.

This is just one of the fascinating stats to come from the State of Content Marketing Survey (a major new campaign intent to aid in creating healthy debate around the largely misunderstood realm of content marketing)

60% of the marketers who took place in the survey have claimed to be increasing their content marketing budget in 2017, 92% of which have admitted to not knowing exactly how they are going to execute their approach.

So what is the biggest issue that businesses face, as brought to light by the State of Content Marketing Survey? Being able to produce engaging content, consistently.

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Your success within your content marketing strategy rests largely on your ability to consistently put out engaging content that impacts your audience’s lives and brings value to their day to day. If you are struggling to achieve this level of consistency then you have a problem indeed.

The trouble is, investing money in content is a waste of time and resources if you do not have a well-designed and thoroughly thought-out plan. It doesn’t matter how comprehensive your campaigns are, if your audience has no other content to refer back to then you will almost certainly fail to achieve the results that you desire.

Listed below are 5 ideas in which you can create unique and engaging content:

  1. “Have you ever/What do you think of?

    Posing a question to your audience is not only a brilliant way to create unique and reactive content, but also to gain greater perspective into their lives, needs and desires.

  2. “In my experience/What I’ve learned.”

    An advice piece from one of your clients is a great way to create unique and enlightening content. An Organic Skin Care company for example, may wish to post tips and advice from an experienced dermatologist. These views and opinions will carry more weight and can encourage a higher sales conversion rate for particular products.

  3. “Question us.”

    Continuing on from number 2 – You could also encourage your audience to pose questions for a specialist or member of staff to answer for them.

  4. A head to head interview.

    Again, this is very industry dependent and may not be applicable in all cases, though if you get two people together, write an intro as to why they are there and then jot down their discussion you have some very rich and unique content on your hands.

  5. How to

    Posting pictorial or video tutorials is another fantastic way to create unique and engaging content. Your client may have a wide array of products, having interactive guides on how to best use each of them will certainly improve your conversion rates, whilst offering something for your audience to return to or even share on social media.

It’s only as complicated as you make it! If you have a well thought-out strategy, you can easily tackle the constant content issue. Keep a regular flow of interesting subjects going, and every now again throw something new and exciting into the mix. Try a variety of engaging styles and see which ones draw the best response with your audience.


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