Google Confirm Domain Authority is Ranking Factor

Google finally confirm that Site-Wide authority or Domain Authority signals are used for ranking new pages

Google Confirm Site-Wide Authority or Domain Authority is used as a main ranking factor when analysing and ranking newly created pages within their index. Google’s own John Mueller confirmed this in a Google + hangout just last Tuesday the 8th of March 2016.

This may not be news to all of you and actually most of you SEO experts out there probably think this is quite basic and what a novice should understand about the workings of Google’s algorithm. It is the fact that Google themselves have actually come out and confirmed this which is the nice part of this report – now we know for a fact that the authority of a website can have a real impact on how quickly newly created pages within that website will rank highly in search. Highlighting the importance of paying very close attention to ensuring that all areas of your website are well maintained and structured to clearly offer to Google’s search crawlers the information they want and in the way they want it outlaid on each page. Also this again strengthens the crucial part that quality back links play in SEO and in obtaining the top SERPs.

Google Blackboard

So Remember to keep doing your website housekeeping, create new content frequently, pay attention to your internal linking architecture and keep your backlink profile clean! You can regularly check in Google’s Search Console to quickly see if there is anything that may be harming your websites overall authority and you can take the necessary steps to resolve any issues and keep a clean house, leading to a well trusted website and a domain that gains authority over time. Also work on properly integrating your social networking profiles with your main website so that the signals are correctly passed between all of your online properties; the more the better and all the increased signals coming from real sources and many differing IP’s will go towards increasing the speed in which your DA (Domain Authority) increases.

If you achieve a website with a high DA then by going by what Google have just confirmed, each and every blog post you publish within that domain will receive high ranking positions for the subject it is on and keywords it is focused upon, at least for the short term! – This could be very useful if used in an intelligent way.

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