Ready for Google’s Mobile Update?

Is your website ready for Google’s Mobile Update?

Find out if your website is Mobile-friendly with these easy to follow tips.

You may have heard that on April 21st 2015 Google will start to roll out their biggest algorithm update ever, we are not sure what it will be officially named although for now it has been comically dubbed in some SEO circles Mobilegeddon

and is expected to cause more impact to the organic search results than Penguin and Panda updates.  The algorithm change will affect all search results on mobile devices and will not affect desktop search.

The full global roll-out is expected to take one week.  If you are a website owner you need to makes sure your website is mobile friendly so that your website is not thrown into the dark depths off Google’s search results, never to be found again.

All website that are mobile friendly will be treated favorably so now is the time to make sure you’re adhering to the mobile friendly guidelines.

Find out if your website is mobile-friendly now by following our simple steps below.

A simple test you can run on your website is the Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool.

Mobile-Friendly Test (1)

Enter your website URL and click the Analyze button, if your website is mobile friendly you will see a Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly message,  like the one shown below.

Mobile-Friendly Test

You will also see an image of how your website looks on a mobile device, as shown below.


If your website does not pass the test you will see the following message.


This will be followed by a list of the errors that Google found these issues need to be addressed to make your site mobile-friendly.


If your website does not look correct on the mobile device screenshot this is because you are seeing the website as Google’s sees it with its crawler which is called Googlebot .

If the site looks broken it is likely that you are blocking the Googlebot from being able to see your CSS style sheets and JavaScript files and images.   You can check to make sure your robots.txt file is not blocking these files, this can be done in Google Webmaster Tools.

See the following link for more information

Another simple test you can do is to search for your website on a mobile device and in the search result you will see below your website URL the words “Mobile-friendly -” as shown in the image below.

mobile friendly google search results

If you would like more help of assistance to see if your website meets not only Mobile friendly guidelines but also all the additional Google Search quality guidelines please feel free to contact us via the website or any of our social media channels.  Facebook or talk to us on Twitter

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