SEO is Not Something That Can be Switched Off and On

When times are hard business owners must make some difficult decisions as to where they should make cutbacks. One area that should always be left running, is your SEO. Simply switching it off does not pause it in its tracks but can actually be detrimental to all of the hard work that you have put in over the years.
You’d think it will save you money, when in actuality it can actually cost you far more in the long run. SEO is about progression, no matter how slow your pace. At the very least, if you are struggling, you should consider scaling your SEO back. However, turning it off completely will not be the saving grace you hope it to be.

You Can’t Cut Back and Expect the Same Results
Some people see SEO as a commodity that they have paid for and thus should be able to hold on to. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. Simply turning your SEO off for a while won’t keep you floating in the same position as before but falling backwards as your competitors continue on in the marathon.
If you cut back, you will slow down, and if you turn it off altogether, you will lose much of what you have worked so hard to achieve. So, rather than seeing it as saving money, you should consider every penny that you have invested in the long run, as you will be throwing much of that away as well.

Paid and Organic Traffic is Very Different
It is understandable to not fully understand the ins and outs of digital marketing, especially if you outsource those needs to a third-party digital marketing agency. One common misconception is that SEO can be turned off quite similarly to paid advertising, and then can be picked up and resumed as soon as the budget is there.
Paid advertising drives traffic to your website for as long as you have budget. The moment the budget runs out, the traffic stops. The way that organic traffic works is entirely different. This is because you earn your position over time with quality marketing techniques, building and sharing content with the correct keywords, and many other tactics that help to build your online presence. Again, by halting your progression, you will slowly fall back and lose those spots that you have worked so hard to achieve. This is not an ideal solution to your money troubles.

Paid and Organic Traffic Work Well Together
One thing that you can do if you find that you are struggling to make enough sales, is rather than turn off your marketing budget, revaluate how it is distributed. One such tip would be to split your budget between organic SEO and paid advertising. This will enable you to continue working on your organic progression at a slower pace (though a forward pace none the less), whilst gaining instant traffic through your paid advertising.
When put together properly, a Google AdWords campaign can be incredibly lucrative. That said, there is much that goes in to setting up a successful AdWords campaign and should not be treated lightly, especially during such difficult times.
However, as discussed, combining both your organic spend, with a well-thought out PPC strategy might just get you the sales that you need in the short term and help you get through the difficult times without having to negatively impact your online presence.

You Must Speculate to Accumulate
When times are hard, you need to have your brand and business visible, so that what little business is available will be coming to you. It is about pulling out all the stops and working towards bolstering and securing your position, rather than battening down the hatches and hoping that the difficult times will pass quickly before your business has haemorrhaged too much cash.
One thing that you must remember, is that you are not alone in this. Many business owners are struggling during this uncertain economic turmoil. If you would like some advice on how best to proceed, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We will gladly share our knowledge in the digital marketing arena and help to think up a strategy that suits your budget.

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