How to ensure that SEO complements your content development

Getting your Content working in Synergy with your SEO efforts is paramount to your online success.

In this article we will be talking about the necessary synergy required between content marketing and search engine optimisation, in order to produce the best possible web pages for your customers.

So, what is the role of SEO in content marketing? Well, ultimately search engine optimisation is best considered as reinforcement to your content management team. In order to achieve the ultimate level of success rate for your clients’ campaigns; your SEO & content management teams should work together from the very beginning. If you can get this synergy ironed out, with a clear level of communication between departments, it can mean the difference between exponential growth and disappointment.

Your SEO consultants will need to pair up with your content writers early on in the process, before content creation decisions have been made. Bear in mind that your consultants are the ones in contact with your clients and best understand their business, needs and desires.

Contrary to popular belief, there is much more to SEO than simply focusing on popular keywords or phrases alone, and in the same breath there is much more to effective content writing than simply creating articles around keywords with high-volumes of traffic. In fact, your keyword analysis should be focused on better understanding your customers. Your ultimate goal in the early stages is to understand their needs, preferences and desires on a personal level, so that you can tailor your content accordingly.

To elaborate a little on that, let’s say for example one of your clients specialises in Organic Skin Care, focusing on search phrases such as: “Best Organic Skin Care Products”. Rather than jumping in head-first and creating content that is optimised for such search terms, it is best that you endeavour to understand the intentions of the consumers that are making these searches.

What is it that these potential buyers are actually looking for? What problems do they want you to resolve for them? What is it that they are revealing about their needs and desires? You need to get inside the mind of your client customers to best understand how to engage with them on a genuine level.

Once you have deciphered the intent behind each search phrase, you will be able then create original, organic and tailored articles that enthral their attention, answer all of their questions and peaks their interest. This is the best way to create the most likely conversion from search to sale.

Use content to build a relationship between the client and consumer


It is all too easy to fall into the habit of creating empty content. It may well be written with a number of excellent and well-placed keywords though if it does not engage the customer then it is ultimately a waste. Your content needs to resonate with visitors on a deeper level and draw them in.

When you understand the customer, you can communicate with them properly. Provide them with relevant, up to date and valuable information that will benefit them. Advice, tips and trending topics are a brilliant way of driving more traffic through your client’s website and keeping them there for longer once they arrive.

You should produce content that provides visitors with confidence and assurance. Display an understanding of their needs, desires or problems. This will demonstrate that the client can solve their problems and satisfy their desires as they are well-informed, relevant and prepared.

The ultimate goal is to ensure that your content is so remarkable that your audiences simply cannot afford to ignore you. Get it right!







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