SEO & SEM are marked as some of the most sought after skills today

Despite perhaps some conceptions to the contrary, knowledge and skills within search engine optimisation and digital & online marketing have never been more valued within the work place as they are now.

With the immense continued growth of the internet and digital world around us, and with no indication of this trend letting up any time soon, there has never been a greater need for experts in SEO and online marketing!

The huge opportunities and rewards on offer for companies with effective online marketing strategies has, unsurprisingly, directly correlated with a massive increase in the demand for people with skills and proven abilities to deliver results in this arena!

This argument is strongly supported by a recent study carried out by business social networking giants “LinkedIn” where they analysed the profiles of over 330 million of its members to find the top 25 skills that people got hired for around the world in 2014.

Coming in at an impressive 5th place of top deemed skills to have in the entire list was skills in SEO & SEM marketing.  Not lagging far behind, in 16th place, came skills required in digital & online marketing.

A direct link to the full list and further analysis of this study can be found here –

This market trend and these findings have definitely not gone unnoticed by savvy recruiters and human resource management who are keen to find CV’s and staff demonstrating knowledge and skills in this domain.

The growth and increased importance of effective SEO and online marketing strategies, coupled with the steady decline of many traditional marketing methods, has led to a big drive to find and acquire staff who can present added value in this area.  Whether companies choose to collaborate with a quality third party agency who specialise in SEO & digital marketing or hire their own internal team, the need to get the right people on board is often paramount to the overall success of many businesses.

As the opportunity and rewards on offer for effective SEO and online marketing campaigns continues to grow, unsurprisingly so has the available budgets of many firms to invest in this area.  Average online marketing expenditures for companies across the globe is also, naturally, forecast to grow in line with the growth of the overall market.

The team at TBS Marketing are naturally excited about what the future holds and aim to continue in their efforts of delivering the highest standard of service within SEO.  We strongly believe that our skills within this field are second to none and that our clients appreciate our value added as we appreciate them.  We are passionate about what we do and are conscious to evolve as the industry does whilst maintaining our values of only employing best practice, natural “white-hat” methodologies in our work coupled with excellent customer service and communication.

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