The launch of Google created a grand opportunity for people to create online businesses and become rich overnight. Digital marketers sprang up and began to make a lot of money on the internet using SEO, based on Google’s algorithm at the time that showed that, with SEO, your page could get a high ranking, and you can easily profit from that.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is what you do to your site or blog to make your page rank high in search results. Meta tag descriptions, keyword density, keyword length, and a host of other factors are what determine how well your site is optimised for SEO. A higher rank in search engine results means that your SEO is great, and a higher ranking means more click-through rates (CTR).

Knowing the algorithm Google used made it easy for people to get rich off links on the internet, sometimes methods are abused with keywords and zero substances. Now, the algorithm isn’t what helps you get rich off spammy links, but your content is what generates traffic for you and gets you genuine eyeballs. Filler content loaded with SEO and plenty of links is not enough to get you a ranking in Google search engines, because things have changed, and digital marketing isn’t that simple anymore.finguer point digital SEO

An Introduction to SEO

SEO is all about getting keywords that reflect the customers’ needs and what the competition is using, so as to get a high page ranking in search engine results.

The main aim of these SEO tactics is to generate traffic, get high click-through rates, and make conversions. If these tactics are correctly implemented, combined with substantial and engaging content, SEO can be very powerful.

Why Do SEO And CTR Matters So Much?

CTR is a tracking metric that measures the number of people that have actually clicked on a link, against the total number of people who could have clicked that same link. So, if a link on your site has been viewed 100 times, and 20 people clicked on it, your click-through rate (CTR) is 20%. It is a commonly held concept that CTR and SEO work hand-in-hand to boost your conversion rate.

A properly search engine optimised link, with good description tags and keywords that are well written and concise can draw visitors to click that link. The more people visit a link, the more the search engine assumes that it serves the visitors’ needs, and then it gets a higher ranking. The higher the ranking, even the more clicks it gets. And the more clicks it gets, the higher the possibility of conversions. That is why SEO and CTR are things that are very popular with digital marketers.


Why SEO Alone Is Not Enough

SEO and CTR may be good for your site, but purely using SEO to capture eyeballs may not help you to grow your business and your reputation. SEO needs to be holistic to be able to positively impact your customers, your business, and your reputation.

This is because the Internet has evolved, customers have become more discerning, and Google has updated its algorithms, cracking down on spam and irrelevant, filler content. As an online marketer, SEO and CTR shouldn’t be the only method you depend on to build your brand: rather, think of providing value to your customers in the way of content that is useful to them.

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Digital Marketing: New Age Content

Now, the digital marketing world is all about:



TBS Marketing can help in this crusade to create meaningful content that addresses the needs of customers, rather than to rely on concept of SEO alone. A digital marketing agency that is forefront of using SEO and CTR in a wholesome method, TBS Marketing can help you with your online presence on social media and with your site, helping you create great content that will keep your visitors glued to your site, and keep you high in search engine rankings. There is no better time to change your previous tactics to new age digital marketing: providing value to your valuable customers by giving them worthy information.

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