It sure feels like just as one crisis ends, another one starts in this modern internet age. – A dark and scary time where the threat of cyber assault seems to be lurking around every fibre-optic bend! Fortunately, if you jump on this issue immediately, you should be able to secure your website and cover your behind; so be sure to read on and find out about what’s occurring!

The fact is, if you haven’t updated your PHP version recently, then 2019 could be a bit of a nightmare for you. Approximately 80% of the internet’s users are on PHP, - and what’s scary about that statistic is that practically nobody has bothered to update their PHP past a 5.x version. And if you’re not sure what PHP is, then you can refresh your memory here.

Percentage of websites on PHP

In a recent statistical observation made by W3Tecs, approximately 62% of the websites are still running with a version of PHP that was released in 2004…That’s right, the same age as ABC’s hit series Lost. And while failing to act and ‘press the button’ certainly won’t bring about the end of the world; it will likely have you feeling stranded, hopeless and exposed, - So, make sure that you act fast.

Desmond holding red phone and looking scared

Yes, the fact that the large majority of the internet is running on such an old release is impressive, though it’s high-time for us all to move on and let go. (Another point which is wonderfully synonymous with the plot from Lost.)

Please do not understate the importance of this message! If you do not update your PHP before the 31th of December, you will be leaving yourself exposed to some serious cyber threats. Share this with your friends and associates; PHP will no longer be providing security support for any of the outdated 5.x versions!

There’s Still Time but You Must Act Quickly!

Table showing release date, and support until dates

This is the PHP End of Life Schedule, - as you can see this potential cyber security crisis hasn’t just randomly sprung out of a hole in the ground! In fact, PHP have clearly and openly been ticking down for quite some time, with the hope that their users would act and upgrade to the latest version; evidently this hasn’t happened.

How Should You Respond in Order to Secure Your Website?

It really is as simple as UPGRADING your current PHP version, the website, your libraries and anything else that you can think of. In fact, let this be a lesson to stay up to date with everything as often as possible. Don’t delay those update prompts for months on end as we’ve all been guilty of before; respond accordingly and ‘keep up with the Kardashians’ as it were.

Follow the link above, download the PHP 7.x version and ensure that your website will be entirely secure and free from harm come the end of December. Following that, be sure to stay on top of the PHP updates and keep an eye out in the future.

Yes, you will certainly have to pay for the upgrade, though the fee is miniscule in comparison to what a potential cyber security threat could cost you. A pinch of prevention is worth the catastrophic financial implication that comes with leaving your online business entirely exposed. - And don’t think that it won’t happen to you either, because it does, and it will. So, go on; treat yourself to a little peace of mind!

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