The Google Search Metronome Phenomenon

Google has added yet another string to its bow or arguably, one could playfully say, “to their guitar”. You will now discover a quirky, practical and interactive metronome at the top of your organic results when you search…yep, you’ve guessed it….”metronome”.
For those non-versed in the use of this musical tool or unfamiliar with the term metronome; it is a device used to train and help musicians keep an even and steady pace as they play their instrument.
It has a rich history and has been around a very long time, dating as far back as the early 9th century. Modern versions tend to be small and digitalised so that you can easily carry them around but the more classic look will often include a physically swinging pendulum (as shown in the example image below) to also incorporate synchronised visual motion.

Picture of metronome

Although it is a very useful tool which is widely and fondly used by many budding musicians across the world, it certainly has also come in for its fair share of criticism amongst many in the musical community.  This is because it is seen by some quarters as influencing and training the musician to play very ‘mechanically’ when it is human nature to play music to a more natural and less synced flow.  Whatever camp you are in, it cannot be argued that this age old tool does not have its merits and I guess that is why Google has added this fun, helpful and, above all, free service to its search function.

Google’s metronome offers a range of between 40 to 208 BPM (beats per minute)

Google Metronome Search Result

To get more of an insight in to how musicians use this timing tool, this excellent metronome demonstration video will make things very clear.

The team at TBS Marketing are always intrigued and looking forward to the new and innovative ways that Google make their search results more practical, useful and fun which is why we decided to create and share this post today.

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