What is Google My Business and Why do You Need it?

Google My Business is quite simply a tool that helps businesses optimise their Search and Maps listing to have more visibility and to attract more customers. It gives you a unique opportunity to share additional information and to highlight what makes you special and separates you from other local competitors. The tricky part is getting it right and optimising your GMB listing appropriately. But, before we get into that, why is it so important?

Why must businesses list themselves on Search & Maps?

When shoppers want to find a business, 3 out of 4 of them search online. Following that, 7 out of 10 shoppers make purchases from businesses that they found on Google. Thus, if you are looking to attract as many customers as you can, then Google My Business can give you a significant boost.

How does GMB help?

Answer common questions

Google My Business is so effective, because it allows you to list the latest and most useful information regarding your business. Potential customers are looking for as much information as possible so that they can go with the easiest and most appropriate option. So, by sharing opening hours, directions, busy periods, various offers, photos of your establishment, and a summary of your products and services, you will be much more likely to convert those searchers into spenders.

Engage your audience

GMB offers another simple platform where you can engage with your audience. Customers can leave reviews on your GMB page, allowing you to join the conversation. This is an effective way of demonstrating what type of business you are, and how involved you are with your customers.

Speech Bubbles with Stars

An additional GMB mobile website

There is an option to create a mobile-friendly website , allowing you to track where your customers are coming from, which photos are getting the most attention, and whether the information provided is offering visitors the positive conclusion that they are looking for.

Valuable analytics

An effective digital marketing campaign is about growing your net and increasing your overall catchment capabilities. GMB increases this net, but also provides you with additional analytical data that can be used to further optimise your online marketing.

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GMB provides further verification

The fact that you must have your business verified by Google in order to have a GMB listing, adds further validation to your cause. It demonstrates that you are a legitimate business that can be relied upon, as Google is essentially vouching for you—that, coupled with the growing list of reviews left by satisfied customers will invariably fill potential customers with confidence.

How can TBS Marketing help you?

Certainly, everyone has the ability to set up their own GMB listing. It’s a free service that can add much value to your business, however, it’s no simple task setting it up properly. If you don’t have the time to spend on building your GMB page, we can assist you.

  • Register a complete listing: Populating a GMB page with as much information as possible is a time-consuming task. However, Google’s research suggests that customers are 50% more likely to roll with a GMB page that has been completed thoroughly.
  • Encourage customers to share reviews: No matter how the customer interacts with your business, you should always encourage them to leave feedback. So, if you meet a customer face to face, you might ask them to leave a review on Facebook perhaps. Or, for customers that make purchases through your website, there are ways of funnelling them to your GMB listing to leave feedback.
  • Create tailored offers, photos and events
  • Generate engaging content: It can be tempting to use content that already exists on your website. Best SEO practice dictates that you create fresh and unique content for a GMB page.


If you do not currently have a GMB listing, then this is something that you must remedy immediately. Write it down on your list of important things to get sorted! In fact, there is a good chance that you already have some measure of a Google My Business listing, all you will need to do is search Google, find it, and claim it. Following that, you can take control over it and begin the population process, optimising it appropriately for the best possible results.

Again, the key to digital marketing is diversification; the greater your presence, the greater your chances of attracting more visitors through your website, thus the more visitors you will be able to convert into business.

If you find yourself at a loss and you’re overwhelmed by the prospect of getting stuck into your GMB, please do not hesitate to contact us. We appreciate just how time-consuming and stressful the world of online marketing can be, which is why we pride ourselves in lightening the load for our clients.

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