The best platform for social media marketing is the one you have decided is most beneficial to your business. It is all about choosing the right platform for your company’s social media branding. The appropriate use of social media fosters brand awareness, generates higher sales, drives website traffic, and even allows businesses to partner with social media influencers that can help promote their content.                                                                   

But the question remains, “which platform is the best?” According to research, Facebook and Instagram are the best social media platforms for marketing advertisements. However, you need to understand that the best platform for you is the one that fits the company's target audience.                                                                                                                              Facebook is statically dominated by older people who are more interested in the products than the advert. Contrariwise, the younger generation that appreciates eye-catchy advertisements has the highest population on Instagram. 

With over 4.48 billion people using social media, a company might want to maintain a solid social media presence on different platforms tailored to their needs and not limit themselves to just one.

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Bangkok Office
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