Newcomers frequently ask this question regarding PPC (pay per click) Google Ads campaigns. While this is a relevant question, there isn't a particular amount associated with Google AdWords SEM. 

The cost for Google advertising is dependent on different factors, and to a large extent, the advertiser controls how much he spends on Google adverts. Because advertisers bid on keywords that they think can foster their business. 

An example is if you want to target users that search for the phrases "buy wholesale products in Bangkok" and "Wholesale dealers in Bangkok." Google asks you how much you want to pay to bid on these keywords, and you can choose to pay 10 cents or 1 dollar for each click on your advertisement.

There is no way to know which advertiser is outbidding you, but keep in mind that your Ad’s rank isn’t solely dependent on how much you bid. Google calculates your Ad rank by:

Google's ad rank calculation is why businesses with smaller budgets can outrank firms with a bigger budget due to the quality score of their keywords related to the targeted landing pages.

As a new advertiser, you should begin with a smaller budget and pay attention to how well your ad performs. Subsequently, you can increase budgets in bits, or you could be spending a lot of money. 

If you don’t know what you are doing then it certainly is possible to spend lots of money on Google AdWords with little returns. This can often be because of poor google keyword planning and/or general poor management of the campaign. For this reason, companies should heed the advice to employ the services of expert SEM agencies like TBS, which can help assist with proper Google AdWords management.

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