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Real Estate Marketing By TBS

At TBS Marketing, we also provide services to businesses within the real estate niche and have a track record of delivering significant returns for our clients. We achieve this through a combination of SEO, Paid Ads, SMM, and SEM. Our focus on providing an excellent return on investment has made us one of the leading agencies in the country. TBS has a team of experienced professionals who are experts in their respective fields. This allows us to provide a comprehensive service for all our clients, including those in the real estate sector. TBS is committed to providing the best possible service to our clients. We believe that our success is measured by the success of our clients. TBS is the real estate marketing agency you can trust to deliver results. Contact us today for a no obligation analysis and quotation!

What is Real Estate Marketing and is it important?

Real Estate Marketing is the way of connecting your properties and brands with a wider audience and attracting more traffic. In today’s competitive market, where more people are searching for properties on the go and online, Real Estate Marketing is more important than ever before. Utilising Search Marketing to raise your listing in Search Engine Results Pages, paid ads and Social Media are all great ways to increase brand-awareness and traffic to your site, and with most Homeowners using search engines to help them find the right property, if you aren’t marketing, you will miss out.
It is essential to be in the right place at the right time for your customers to see you and make the decision to click through, and there are many different strategies to make that happen.

Search Marketing

Search Marketing is a hugely important area to master in order to have an effective marketing strategy. Search engines like Google reach millions and millions of people, and are a key resource in reaching this audience. Search Marketing refers to the strategy of improving your site’s listing within a platform’s Search Engine Results Pages, or SERPs.

The higher you are, the more you get noticed and increase your click through rate. It is necessary to know how best to approach Search Marketing for your brand, which is typically split into two areas: SEM and SEO.


Search Engine Marketing, or SEM, involves paying for ads to appear in the SERPs. The position of your ad depends on the result of an ‘ad auction’, which takes into account the maximum amount you are willing to pay per click and your ‘Quality Score’, made up of many different factors.

You can therefore improve your rank by paying more money or ensuring your site has great content, is fast, reputable and as relevant as possible to the user’s intent.
SEM is a great strategy for Real Estate Marketing as it starts working right away. Once you have set up your campaign, your ad will start to appear, and because paid ads are placed at the top of the SERPs, more people see it and you are likely to gain more traffic. However, these ads are given an ‘ad designation’, they are identified as ads so that customers know they have been paid for. This means they tend to get let clicks than results that appear organically, which is why we will now look at SEO.


Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, involves organically raising your site in the SERPs. Unlike SEM, you do not pay for an ad but rather use a variety of techniques to ensure your listing is placed higher. In this way, your site appears as an organic listing, with no ad designation, and tends to receive more clicks.

Ensuring your site is mobile-friendly, takes less than a couple of seconds to load and is secure are all factors taken into consideration. Optimising your keywords to match the user’s intent and specific enquiries is a great way to improve your ranking, and ensuring quality content, optimised product and Meta descriptions and titles for images all combine to raise you up.
SEO is a fantastic marketing tool and something you should definitely be using within your Real Estate Marketing strategy. You don’t have to pay for an ad, your result appears organically and it works around the clock for you attracting new traffic. There are a couple of downsides though. SEO does take time to become effective. Unlike SEM, which begins to work immediately, it takes a while to build a successful SEO strategy and it needs to be updated and adapted to ensure it is working correctly for you, though this is true of all marketing strategies. One good way to get the best of both worlds is to utilise SEM in the short term while working on your SEO for the future.

Other strategies

Social Media is another useful marketing tool, from paid ads and videos to posting yourself, Social Media is a way to stay connected with people today and ensure you are present. The right ad getting reposted and enough comments can dramatically increase who sees it, which can only help gain clicks. Similarly, having a blog, and establishing yourself as a reliable source of information in your field helps to reach people in a different way and makes you seem more trustworthy when looking to buy.

Reviews are also important in Real Estate; most people look at reviews before committing to a company, and believe what they read. Ask your customers to leave reviews, or make it a part of a follow up with new customers, and a host of positive reviews will help gain new customers. There are many ways to market your Real Estate Business. What is important is that you have an effective strategy that works for you.


Real Estate Marketing is very important to increase your brand-awareness and traffic and ensure you are competitive in today’s market. With more and more customers going online to search for houses, it is essential to have working Search Marketing, with SEO being better for organically raising your position in the SERPs and gaining more clicks over time, and SEM helping immediately and placing your ad at the top of the page. Optimising your keywords and being sure to target both volume of searches and the user’s intent are important factors here. Most people only look as far down as the first three organic ads, and being any lower dramatically decreases your click-through rate, so it is important to have effective SM within your wider marketing strategy. Social Media is also an important resource when used correctly, and having an impactful and concise website that is mobile and user friendly is essential.
Having an effective Real Estate Marketing strategy is hugely important, both to increase traffic and convert this into sales. Contact us today for more information on Real Estate Marketing and advice on how to make your strategy effective.

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