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Most business owners will have at least some focus on trying to save money within their business. Whether this means finding suppliers with the best-priced goods or making sure the vehicles their business uses are the most fuel-efficient, most if not all will find ways to tighten their expenditure. However, there are some things in life that should not be approached with a penny-pinching attitude and SEO Consultants are definitely one of those things that fall into this category. Sometimes paying that bit extra in life can pay dividends in life in terms of the quality you will receive over spending less on your SEO or trying to perform it yourself.

That’s not to say that SEO is something that absolutely cannot be done by business owners, but the same could really be said for repainting your home. Yes, you most probably could do it yourself but not everybody has an eye for decorating. Either that or their house may be so large that completing it themselves may not be possible. The same could be said for SEO in that some campaigns are so technically complicated or vast in scale that most business owners either would not know where to start or would not have the time to dedicate to making it a success. This is where  consultants come in.

Why do I need an SEO Consultant?

Why do you need a plumber? Or a mechanic? Or any other kind of service for that matter? Theoretically, all of this work could be performed by yourself, if push came to shove, but if you suddenly had a serious problem with your problem or your car's carburetor failed then it would be beyond your capabilities. SEO can be an extremely intricate and time-consuming process that can require a fair amount of technical expertise to perform correctly.

Considering that businesses will lose money with potential setbacks in an SEO campaign (in terms of time that you could have spent converting first-page interest into conversions), it is vital that you set yourself on the right path as quickly as possible.
Ultimately having a team of highly experienced and technically knowledgeable SEO Consultants to help steer your campaign in the right direction will help you achieve good results more quickly. Which ultimately means more conversions, more business, and more profit for your business. That and you get bragging rights amongst your peers for your website's amazing first-page performance!

What should I look for in an SEO Consultant?

Having said all of this, with the internet being one of the major ways that businesses attract customers, the SEO industry has become understandably diluted with consultants trying to pitch their services. In some ways, this is good but this also makes it more difficult for the average person to determine who can get them the best results for the money they are paying. Here are a few things you should look for:

Here are a few things you should look for



First and foremost, it is absolutely essential that all work done on your website is ethical, white-hat SEO that follows the rules and guidelines set by Google and other search engines. In the early days of SEO, consultants would essentially find ways to circumvent Google's search algorithm in order to gain their clients extremely fast organic growth.

However, those days are well and truly gone and these days Google's algorithm is capable of detecting attempts at deceiving its ranking software, and websites that perform this kind of black-hat SEO can find themselves permanently penalized for it in some cases. Making it hard or impossible for the site to rank well. Any indication that your SEO consultant may be performing black-hat SEO on your website should be an instant red flag for you.

Work Performed

It is all very well in trusting in the promises that somebody will give you in terms of where they can take your website, but it is another to actually see what you will be paying for. It is important that your chosen consultant is actually earning their money by performing the work they are supposed to be doing as well as spending at least some of what they are charging in finding resources like links and content for your site.


Realistic Expectations

SEO in general can be an unpredictable and ever-changing field and achieving first page results takes a lot of time, effort, and resources on the part of both yourself and your consultant. In particularly competitive fields, it can sometimes take around 6 months to start seeing real results in your most highly competitive keywords and it is important that your SEO consultant is honest about this.

Much less reputable consultants will often promise anything and everything in order to get your business and any promises of seemingly unbelievably fast first page results should always at least be treated with an air of skepticism. These “super-fast” results will most likely be either empty promises designed to get you signed up or worse yet, will be achieved using black-hat SEO techniques which as we discussed before, should be a complete no-go for you.

Focus on the long-term

Reputable SEO’s want to build a long-term client base who are happy with their services and will potentially refer them to their network. Because of this, they will have a solid focus on the long-term success of your campaign as opposed to the short term-gains. SEO is a fairly long-term commitment and your SEO should have a plan in place for at least the next 12 months, even if your contract is much.


SEO Consulting Services to Build Your Online Presence

To be successful in the digital world you’ll need more than just a URL and a few ads. Without determined SEO efforts, it’s easy to find your business falling behind and your sales dropping.

TBS Marketing is a leading SEO consulting company offering services to help you achieve the maximum of your search engine potential and get your website in front of more prospective customers. With the help of our custom SEO consulting services, you’ll build an online presence destined for success.

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