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Why choose TBS Marketing to help you create your display campaign?


As a certified Google Ads agency based in Bangkok Thailand, TBS Marketing can assist you to target your ads in Thailand and a wide international audience. We can help you decide which style, format and ad size you should use on Google display network to increase conversions.

With a combination of images, text, GIFs, and videos, our display ads are designed to capture attention and drive both performance and brand awareness. We offer the flexibility to experiment with both static and dynamic ad formats, giving you the opportunity to try new things and engage your online audience.

Our main focus at TBS Marketing is to optimise your display campaign to achieve high conversion rates

Our team of skilled graphic designers ensures that images are both clear and compliant with Google policies.

We ensure your ads are optimised on mobile devices.

Our team can produce engaging video content for Youtube and relevant social media sites.

We craft catchy and informative text with clear, engaging headlines and descriptions.

Create a custom display ad tailored to your specific target audience and business requirements.

We stay ahead of the latest industry trends and conduct in-depth analyses of your competitors' markets to optimise the most effective ad campaign for you.

To be able to create a Display Ad, you need our expertise to set up a  Google Adwords account, which we can do for you whether you are in the retail, e-commerce, F&B business or others. We cover a wide range of industries, so just let us know what you need.

BKK Diamond

Success stories

TBS Marketing's display campaigns involved targeting relevant audiences with visually appealing and informative ads that directed them to BKK Diamond's website. The campaigns were optimised regularly based on real-time data analysis to maximise their effectiveness.

As a result,they saw a significant improvement in their ROAS indicating that their ad spend was generating more revenue than before. Additionally, they were able to generate a higher volume of leads, which could be nurtured and converted into customers over time.

Know your target audience

It is essential in today’s market to know who your potential customers are and to ensure they are the ones likely to see your display ad. There are many existing processes in place, for example,we use key word advertising when to take into account what people are searching in your niche, and to better target those looking for similar products.

People will be far more likely to click on your ad if it directly relates to them, or better still, if they are retargeted.

Remarketing involves showing the same ad to people who have previously visited your site, which leads to a far higher rate of response and allows you to recapture their initial interest, and convert this into a sale. Retargeting is one of the most successful marketing strategies to utilise, and it is a sure-fire way to up the clicks on your display ad.


Ad placement

One of the most important things to consider when using display ads is their placement. You don’t want to place your ad on a site that does not relate at all to what you are advertising, or worse, to accidentally place it somewhere diametrically opposite, or even offensive! For instance, why would you want a pizza ad on a website all about health and nutrition, right?

You don't have to worry about any of it as with TBS Marketing, we ensure that your ads are placed somewhere where they will have the most impact, and where your intended audience is most likely to see them. Furthermore where on the site you have placed your ad is also important for optimising effectiveness. For example, if they appear on top of landing pages-they're likely to get more attention.

Be engaging

You should not be too detailed; trying to fit in too much information can make your ad look confusing or cluttered, and therefore less likely to be effective. Simple designs are better. It can sometimes be better to use animation, rather than static ones, to better catch the eye. Or, adding bright colours to contrast a white background. Your ad should pique the user’s curiosity without being confusing.


What about ad blockers?

While display ads are still effective, due to the increase in popularity of ad blocker software, many people do not even see these ads anymore. People more and more choose to block what ads they can see, and even when people do get to see these, they can have a relatively low click-rate on average.

We are also seeing greater increases in desensitization to visual ads, with more and more people developing ‘blindness’ , particularly when they feel they don’t relate to them.

This can be partially aided by better targeting and improving the quality of your ad.

Improve the effectiveness of your ad with TBS Marketing

Marketing is not one size fits all. It is important to have variety within your strategy, and display ads can certainly still be a part of that. As long as your ad is targeted, engaging and well placed, your display campaign can indeed be effective.

We also offer PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ad campaigns that allow you to solely pay for the ads that your audience engages with.

It is crucial to ensure that your ad is specific to your audience, and the more it is, the more effective it will be. If you are struggling to perfect your message or style, we are happy to offer advice and answer any questions you have.

If you are still unsure on whether display ads are suitable for your business, or if you need any further guidance, please feel free to contact us at your convenience!