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B2C marketing is all about driving sales and generating leads for businesses that sell their products and services to consumers. TBS provides B2C marketing solutions that are designed to help businesses reach more customers and convert them into paying customers. Our B2C marketing solutions are tailored to each business's unique needs and goals, and our team of experts will work with you to create a customized plan that will help you achieve the best possible return on investment. We track all of our campaigns carefully so that we can measure the cost per conversion and the overall ROI, and we continuously optimize our strategies to ensure that our clients are getting the most out of their marketing spend. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you grow your business with B2C marketing.

B2C (or Business to Customer) Marketing is essentially the act of advertising your services to the public or your “customers”. The majority of businesses operate on this level as the pool of customers from which you can draw is many times larger than say B2B Marketing. While advertising to the general public may seem like a straightforward endeavour, this is the pitfall of most failed businesses, and ensuring that your products and services are placed in front of the most relevant and in-demand audience is vital. However, it can be difficult to know exactly where you should be focusing your attention and what individual actions will pay off in the long run.


Having a B2C Marketing strategy will help you map out exactly who would be most likely to be interested in your products and services, how you will target them, and ultimately how you will attain their business, both present, and future. You can do this by yourself or with the support of a professional digital agency like TBS Marketing. Either way, it will require input and assistance from various areas of your business to create and execute an effective strategy. The key question is - “how do you exactly plan to market your products to the general public?”

How do you do B2C Marketing?


As we touched on previously, any kind of marketing strategy requires a fair amount of planning and attention to detail to ensure that your campaign is as cost-efficient and effective as it can be. Finding the right audience and deciding how you will target them specifically is only one step of your journey, making sure that your company and brand is one that customers want to invest their attention and money into is also a major consideration. People like to buy into companies and the image that they represent, which is one of the major successes of businesses like Starbucks and Apple; in that people enjoy buying into their corporate image by having their products

While the example of Starbucks may not apply to every business out there, it is a perfect example of how important branding is in today's retail environment. Ensuring that customers get the right impression from not only your products but also yourself as an entity will vastly improve your chances of success in today's B2C climate. However, understanding the importance of branding and how to effectively organise this into place are two different things entirely.

What will Improve my B2C Marketing Strategy?

Fortunately for you, a lot of different companies over the years have poured millions and millions of dollars into research into consumer habits and how different B2C marketing strategies drive consumers to make purchases. There are several principles that you should hold dear to you when performing B2C marketing:

It's all about Brand

As we touched on earlier, Branding and how potential customers perceive your company (and the products or services it sells) is vital to success in today's world. However, branding is not just down to how your products look or how nice your logo is, branding is all about reputation and appearances. Focusing on how your products are perceived by those who have bought or are planning to buy is important as these days, the full history of your companies successes and failures are only a single Google search away.

This all affects how your company's brand is perceived and ultimately, you want potential customers to perceive your company and what they sell as positive, as this makes it far more likely for them to make a purchase and convert as a paying customer.

Knowing your audience

While you may feel that everybody should take an interest in your products, the truth is that, in many situations, it is better to pick your battles and conserve your resources for those who are most likely to become customers than constantly advertise to everybody. This is where knowing exactly who will be the most interested in your products becomes so important as targeting these people will make the money you spend on attracting them payback with the highest ROI. With the advent of the internet and consumer marketing research being widely available for various industries, finding your audience has never been easier!


Utilize the power of Social Media

Over the years, Social Media has grown from a place where you share your funny cat photos with your friends into a veritable hub of consumer interest and business. Whatever you sell or provide you can bet that there is a whole community of people across various social media platforms who would love to hear about it! With over 3 million businesses currently advertising on Facebook, it is easy to see that targeting social media with paid advertisements or a viral advertising campaign to generate interest in your company's page is a successful idea. Many businesses even prefer having a particularly well-crafted social media page instead of a website.


Most businesses will at some point have experienced high numbers of traffic to their site but not felt the desired effects of more conversions. Now there are myriad reasons why somebody might, for instance, add items to their cart but then suddenly not follow through with a purchase. Phone calls, time commitments, and even pop-up ads drawing them away at the pivotal moment are all things that will compete with your site for your consumer’s attention.

Retargeting is essentially using your website to store cookies on a user’s browser, which will in essence allow you to follow them after they leave your site. Be that with a targeted email campaign or even things like Google Display and Social Media ads, they will help to remind your customer about your site and may incite them to make another visit to complete their purchase. This can help not only increase individual site visits as they come back but can also actually improve your brand’s presence as people constantly see your ads and determine that you are a reputable and well-established company.
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