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We turn your website into a powerful tool that drives traffic, boosts conversions, and increases your online visibility. With a decade of experience under our belt, we possess comprehensive expertise in fine-tuning WordPress websites to perfectly align with your business plan and goals, ensuring an exceptional user experience.



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A professional in-house team of WordPress SEO Experts

Fully Ecommerce Compatible to drive sales online

Simple and easy to use

Great long-term Return on Investment

Get Notice online with a beautiful site

Improved User Experience and ability to edit easily

Improved Website Performance

WordPress SEO Audit & Analysis

A thorough audit of established WordPress website for improved rankings and visibility

Customised content strategy to engage target audiences and enhance SEO efforts

Monthly reviews and strategy calls to analyse performance and adapt tactics

Detailed SEO reporting for progress tracking and identifying areas for improvement


Technical Updates & On-Site Optimisation

  • Optimisation of technical elements (meta tags, coding, internal links) for enhanced rankings and visibility
  • Additional services including SSL setup, on-site SEO optimisation, landing page development, and custom programming
  • Technical SEO strategies: improving WordPress speed and core web vitals
  • Installation and configuration of SEO plugins
  • Thorough link profile and backlink analysis 
  • Google Analytics configuration
  • URL optimisation for improved visibility
  • XML sitemap management
  • Utilisation of tailored templates and plugins to meet specific goals and requirements

Content Creation, Blog Posts, & Articles

Creation of a targeted content calendar to improve rankings for new and existing keywords

Consistent production of high-quality content to establish authority with search engines

Strategic crafting of blog posts and articles aligned with SEO goals and relevant keywords

Selecting the Right Plugins for Optimal Performance

The importance of choosing plugins tailored to the website's design, page count, and specific requirements cannot be overstated. Seeking expert assistance becomes crucial to identify suitable plugins aligned with SEO goals, ultimately enhancing website performance and improving SEO outcomes. By making informed plugin choices, website owners can ensure smooth operation, faster loading times, and a seamless user experience, leading to improved search engine rankings and a successful online presence.

Breadcrumb Implementation for eCommerce Websites

We foster collaboration between our SEO consultants and developers to ensure the proper implementation of breadcrumbs. By doing so, we maximise the benefits of breadcrumbs for eCommerce sites, enhancing their visibility in search results and providing users with an improved navigation experience.

WordPress SEO for WooCommerce Stores

If your online store is built on the powerful combination of WooCommerce and WordPress, you have distinct SEO objectives. We provide effective SEO strategies that drive online sales for your WordPress-based eCommerce website.

Our team is equipped to position your WordPress site at the pinnacle of Google's search results.


Integrate with your social media platforms

While WordPress provides a robust platform for website development and content management, integrating social media elements can further enhance your online presence. TBS Marketing can guide you in effectively leveraging social media platforms to complement your WordPress website, expanding your reach, and fostering audience interaction.

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