Google's Mobile First Algorithm - What you need to know

Everything you need to know about Google’s Mobile First Algorithm

As many of you are already aware, there has been a lot of discussion around Google and their new ‘Mobile First Algorithm’ which is currently in the pipeline. In this article we are going to cover some of the main concerns and shed a little light on what you can expect over the next few months, while Google work on this.
First of all: yes, it is very much what it sounds like! Google are working on an Algorithm that is going to essentially prioritise Mobile friendly websites over regular Desktop websites, so if you’ve not already got one, now is the time to start considering having one built.
You’re no stranger to the fact that practically everyone these days has a handheld mobile device and the large majority of searches are being made on these mobile phones, as opposed to a desktop. This is essentially why Google are working to prioritise the mobile-first index. This does not mean that desktop websites will become obsolete, but it does mean that if you are to stay ahead of the competition and truly raise your game then this is something that you should look into.

What about our Rankings? Not the Rankings!!!

Bar-chart Image of desktop rankings

Don’t stress just yet! We’d like to point out that Google have already expressed that they do not intend for this to affect your Google rankings at all. In fact, they will be striving for there to be as little changes as possible. Obviously, it is very early days so it would be wise to expect some fluctuation in the early stages, though I think it’s safe to say that Google have our backs.

So, what will be changing?

Nothing major, in fact all that is really happening is Google are updating their search index results to represent the majority of their users. Everyone is searching on the go and so Google is simply updating this point of view.

Will Mobile Websites become an essentiality?

No. You do not technically need a mobile website, and Google has confirmed that they will continue to index your desktop website appropriately. That being said, this is something that we would definitely recommend. Ultimately you should be covering all bases, and I’m sure that at one point or another you’ve tried viewing a desktop website on your mobile phone and have had some trouble finding your way around. It may not be essential, but you should consider this new Mobile First Algorithm as an opportunity to bring your business up to speed – as Google have already previously confirmed that content that isn’t Mobile friendly will not rank so well.

Does your Mobile Website have less Content than your Desktop one?

If this is the case, then we recommend that you work in a responsive way and update your Mobile website where necessary. Granted this is going to create more work for you, but its best that you now have your Mobile and Desktop Websites as similar as possible on a page by page basis, as by the looks of it Google will be prioritising your Mobile version in their index.

Should you be worried?

At this stage in the game I think it’s important to stay calm and just wait and see what happens. Ultimately, Google is working to make things easier and more accessible to everyone. I can’t imagine that Google will do anything to royally mess things up, particularly when they have already expressed that they are doing everything that they can to ensure that when rolling out their Google First Index, that they do not intend for any rankings to be affected.
Our advice is to use this time to update your Mobile Website’s content if you already have one, or to potentially look into having one built. Again, this isn’t essential, but why not get on board while all of these changes are being made?

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