Visual Marketing Trends

Do you want to know what the most important visual trend of 2017 is going to be?

When it comes to marketing, visuals are a critical component of its strategy. They drive people’s views and can accelerate campaign calls to action, and simply stick with people much more effectively than a block of text. Articles can be very informative and often persuasive, though there is something very different about a well strategised video advert.

Through streaming via channels such as Snapchat or Facebook Live, there are a number of brands that have been able to find great success in personalising their businesses among viewers by literally giving their company a face.

That is why videos are expected to become the paramount visual trend in 2017, more important than any other marketing strategy.


Why It Works

While I am not denying that a beautifully written article can often be as equally powerful as a video (sometimes even more so); for the most part, video has the power to create gripping and long lasting memories in the minds of consumers. Below you’ll find the perfect example of what I am talking about:

Old Spice |Did You Know?

Now, that is some classy stuff right there eh? This is an advert that makes an irrefutable impact on both the male ego and the female sexuality. The charming chap riding a horse backwards like an absolute don sets a level of aspiration that a large majority of men wish to adhere. What man doesn’t want to be as cool as him? - To command such an evidently masculine attractant?

And the female opinion is no secret at all either.  I watched that advert with my girlfriend and her mates and their reaction was the equivalent to a group of male football fans reacting to a perfect finish; it was enthusiastic to say the least.

So why do we remember this advert with such clarity? What is it that drives us to want to associate ourselves with this brand?

How It works

It’s because it is short and concise. It trots past you effortlessly with a charming sense of humour and the promise of male success. It’s not a chaotic Lynx advert with hundreds of women fighting their way towards the solo male, but a calm and confident man that doesn’t need body wash to attract women, but merely uses it enhance his charm a little – the way a chef would casually sprinkle a little spice into an already delicious dish. Powerful stuff.

That is why 51.9% of market researchers argue that videos have the greatest return on investment. And that: online shoppers who watch a video while they’re in the pre-purchase stage are approximately 1.81 times more likely to buy the product than those who don’t.

How to Get Started

Unless you’re already well-versed with a variety of video editing software and you have access to quality cameras and equipment, I would suggest that you outsource this job to a freelancer or an agency.

While some amateur videos have been known to see great viral success, for the most part; if you want to truly create an impact you will need to deliver an expertly produced finished product, with professional actors.

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