How AI Can Help You Create Better Art

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    Did you hear about that new text-to-image Generator AI Greenscreen which just rolled out in August 2022? If you haven’t already checked it out, you should definitely check it out. It’s a whole groundbreaking new technology.
    So, how good are these AI-generated images actually and will it replace humans? Read all of this in the article below.

    Why are AI-generated images so popular?

    AI-generated images are becoming increasingly important because they’re not only beautiful, but they’re also useful. When you generate an AI-generated image, you can use them as a background image on any type of website, like a blog, landing pages, social media profiles, etc.

    Since they’re generated automatically, they’re fast, easy, and inexpensive. In addition, they’re great at telling stories and illustrating concepts. Plus, they’re generated automatically, and you can scale them quite quickly and easily.

    Why you should consider using AI-generated images

    The future of visualization is artificial intelligence (AI). This means that computers will be able to create visualizations that are indistinguishable from human creations. Yes, we now have algorithms that can generate images, music, and videos!
    This is great news because it frees us up to work on other important tasks. But there’s still a lot of room for improvement. So, when you’re thinking about creating content, consider generating some AI-generated images, here are three reasons why you should:


    When you use AI-generated images, you free yourself up to be creative. Instead of having to worry about whether the image looks right, you can just let the algorithm figure out how to create it. Although, you still need to help it a bit via text prompts which will be discussed more later on.


    Another reason to use AI-generated images is quality. Since you aren’t relying on human judgment, you can ensure that the images are of high quality.


    If you’ve ever tried to create an original piece of artwork, you know how hard it can be. There are so many variables to consider, including color palettes, lighting, composition, etc.
    AI-generated images save you time. You don’t have the time to go through thousands of photos looking for the perfect one. You can simply let the algorithm take care of it by telling the algorithm what type of image you’d like to create, and it will automatically figure out everything else.

    How to get started?

    Simply put create an account to one these AI tools and try them out, apart from Jasper they all have free credits for generation you can use as a trial.

    Mid journey
    Riku with various stable diffusion models
    DALL -E 2
    Jasper Art

    For those of you looking for FREE AI Image generation the tools like Deep Dream are good, but you may as well install Stable Diffusion directly on your PC. Note you will need a very fast computer, but here is a guide to install it in 3 minutes.

    Now just because you can create amazing visuals and works of art with AI Generators doesn’t mean you should. Before you jump head-first into AI image generators, you should consider the following questions:

    1. What kind of visual are you trying to achieve?

    2. Do you already have a style?

    There are two main categories of AI Generators:

    1. Machine Learning Generators

    2. Deep Learning Generators

    Machine learning generators rely on algorithms to analyze data and determine patterns. These algorithms are trained to recognize specific features within images.
    Deep learning generators use neural networks to train themselves over time. These neural networks are complex mathematical models that mimic human brains. This allows them to learn and adapt to different situations.

    Both machine learning and deep learning generators can be used to create visuals that are visually appealing this way.

    Prompt your AI-Generator

    To get started, you’ll need to provide the generator with some text prompts. These prompt texts are then converted to images by creating art.
    These contain the following details:

    – Type of visualization you’d like to create
    – Style

    Using various pre-existing design elements as your style prompt. Do you want a grunge style? a Comic-Con style? Pixar? What about using an artist like Da vinci or Picasso? You can prompt your AI Generator to imitate the styles you’d like in your image too.

    -Lighting properties

    You might like to add some cinematic lighting, glowy lights, or different exposures which you can also command your AI Art to generate.

    – Size
    – Resolution

    A 4K and HD quality image is something we all want and you can do just that in your image prompter. Simply add in words such as “4K, ultra-realistic”, “photoreal” or “ultra-detailed” depending on how high you want your resolution to be.

    – Aspect ratio

    If you want a square image with a 1:1 ratio or you can change it to a 16:9 ratio if you want it to be landscape. You can also customize your sizes of W x H. e.g — w 600 and –h 600.
    There are infinite possibilities you can do to get as creative with the A.I. However, do bear in mind that you have to be rather specific when it comes to instructing the exact image you require.

    Let’s take a look at a simple scenario that I’ve created of a promotional mug using some AI tools such as DALLE-2,Jasper Art, Mid journey and more:


    You can also have other variations for a single picture such as the one on the left:

    These ones were a bit too colorful and stylish for what I was going for so I then adjusted the text prompt on Midjourney for a more realistic output:

    “Promotional Mug with logo on a bookshelf, ceramic, stoneware, porcelain, colourful office background with transparent windows , 3D, render, photorealistic, detailed, high definition, 4k, –ar 16:9”


    The image result is as follows:

    As you can see, I changed the orientation to landscape by adjusting the –ar:16:9 and added other keywords to achieve that realism such as “photorealistic” “4k” “3D” “High definition”. Mid journey allows you to prompt in anything you’ll like this way, but do make sure you’re following their guidelines on discord and not posting any NSFW or sexual content.

    Nevertheless, if you are creating a product mockup for your business, it might be useful to prompt the AI generator to create a 3D realistic view this way. It would definitely bring in more attention from consumers to get them to buy your product.

    Last but not least, Riku (Stable diffusion), is another art generator which is an ultra-high-definition image generator using latent diffusion models. The possible drawback of this art generator is that it needs high computing power and GPU( Graphics Processing Unit).

    Stable Diffusion also allows you to choose from various image technologies and diffusion models:

    See the Image2Image technology for instance:

    This allows you to upload any images of a person and such to convert them into different scenarios depending on what you want.

    Going back to my previous mug scenario, I used the same text- prompt to create one on Stable Diffusion in a tall orientation style:

    I mean, how colourful , unique and artsy is that?

    Points to Consider

    Now, the risky bit is there is some debate about allowing an art generator to replicate images of artists in their specific style, but so long as you are doing it under your own original idea and inspiration, then there is certainly no harm.

    Closing thoughts

    Other than churning out thousands of different pictures in just seconds, and incorporating multiple styles into a single image that turns out into awesome abstract art in a minute, why wouldn’t you use the art tools mentioned above?
    However, there are some unaddressed rights issues when it comes to AI-generated images. For instance, if you use an AI-generated photo to advertise a product, you may infringe upon someone else’s intellectual property rights or copyright of outputs.
    Still, it is a good decision to start generating AI Images for your marketing goals instead of any plain or boring stock photos.
    You might not know who owns the rights to the picture, but you can still get sued. Nonetheless, it is still very original because you prompted it yourself. Therefore, it is so much more original than a stock photo stolen or scraped from elsewhere so long as you don’t violate property rights and stay within your creative realm.

    Will Human Artists be Replaced?

    There are some talks about how such AI-Generated Imagery tools could inevitably replace humans in the foreseeable future considering the speed and time it takes to create a piece of art.
    But, you still need a human to prompt and train the AI, after all, so help it to help you rather than have it replace you entirely.
    So, what are you waiting for? Go and download or login to these AI tools and try them out for yourself today!

    Mid journey
    Riku with various stable diffusion models
    DALL -E 2
    Jasper Art

    You will have to pay for all of these options if you are looking for FREE image generation then installing Stable Diffusion locally on your PC is the best choice. However, you do need a powerful PC in order to do this like at least a RTX3060 for timely generation.

    If you’d like more help on AI-Generated art or other marketing solutions for your business contact TBS Marketing. We are here to assist you all the way to creating just the image you need for your business to thrive.