Get Ahead in 2023 with These SEO Trends

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    What does Bard AI mean for organic search?

     Bard AI will likely complement each other than replace one another. Since the AI-Generated response is followed by a “Read more” link carousel and a “Related questions” tab it signifies that organic search is still here to stay and the need for user-targeted content is even more crucial!

    BARD A.I examples 2023 seo trends
    Google Bard Examples

    Microsoft incorporating ChatGPT to Bing?

    Microsoft powered AI Bing 2023 seo trends

    So what does this mean? Will SEO matter anymore now? What used to rank on page 3 can get viewed on the chatbot instantly so you can still rank well even though you are not on the first page by continuing to practice those white hat SEO strategies such as schema mark up, optimise page titles, meta tags, etc.

    Content Strategy

    Content strategy involves planning and creating relevant, high-quality content that addresses the needs of the target audience.

     Understanding search intent enables businesses to create content that aligns with the user’s needs, which improves the overall user experience and increases the likelihood of engagement and conversion.

    Where should you start?

    During your keyword research process, don’t just stick to focusing on the search volume and how much traffic it can drive to your website.  Instead, try shifting to a more “user-intent” strategy where you look at what the SERPs contain. Dig into the intent of the content displayed-is it informational? commercial? What questions does it answer? What are the people also ask questions or related searches?

    Illustration vector graphic cartoon character of business search for 2023 seo trends

    When you do this, you are essentially dissecting the what type of content you should be writing about to answer their search query. Thus, you can emulate and outrank your competition much faster!

     AI tools are on the rise

    With more AI tools proliferating, a lot of content out there has become auto-generated. This is why it is so paramount to focus on E.A.T.(Expertise, Authority, Trust) principles as Google wants to know the writer is not some AI robot but you that’s producing content.

    Don’t just focus on AI for your entire writing process, but instead have it guide you and give you ideas and outlines to start.

    Then, optimize it make your own tweaks so Google deems it as unique content and you’ll likely rank higher.

    Frase A.I

    Frase is my favourite tool as I can look at what my competitors are writing about in the SERPs and get all I need in one go. I start off with the research to see other blogs on the SERPs, then i’ll craft a blog outline based on their headings used, then start writing, optimising, adding links and Voilà , i have a solid SEO optimized content ready to publish!

    Frase A.I Research tools for 2023 seo trends
    Frase A.I Research and AI tools

    E.A.T got an extra E?

    We know E.A.T exists but did you know Google has recently added a new letter E for “experience” becoming E.E.A.T?

    What this means is that the writer behind the content needs to have first hand experience and a background in their niche. For example, if you in the digital marketing niche like I am, you won’t go on to write about the “top travel destinations to visit in 2023” on your blog section. It’s entirely irrelevant. Instead, I’m writing up this blog post about the top SEO trends in 2023.

    This also covers topical authority. In essence, topical authority is the measure of expertise and credibility that a website or brand has in a specific subject area or topic.

    It is important because search engines prioritize authoritative sources in their search results, meaning that websites with strong topical authority are more likely to appear at the top of search results and attract more traffic.

    Author’s credibility

    Aside from Experience, the author should also show some authority in terms of their expertise. This can be done in many ways such as including a bio, creating a page that links to the content creator other blogposts or  a link to their social media accounts. This all tells Google that the writer is an authoritative person in their realm and will likely boost the E.E.A.T ranking signals.

    Technical SEO

    Image optimization

    By providing more keywords, you are giving more context and semantically related keywords to Google to understand your content better when it crawls. This is especially important if you are optimizing content for an e-commerce platform as images are the no.1 factor when it comes to online shopping. 

    Voice Search Optimization


    Contact TBS marketing as we are a team SEO professionals that can create compelling content that ranks high on Google’s search engine. We understand and keep up-to-date with all the trends and Google algorithm updates to get you to stay one step ahead of the game each time!

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