New Website launch with introduction of New product lines and services. Objective was to drive sales through the site and shift User Engagement toward online shoping over Line contact. Streamlining operations and increasing ROI.



Structural Architectire of the new site was considered for the best semantic groupings,to match user search intent with our objectives. This meant adjusting keywords according to transactional, Navigational, Commercial and informational intent and targeting those variations that traditionally drive conversions. Next aligning the content to be in line with this semantic intent and creating clear groupings of content for sufficient entity coverage.


90 keywords tracked across 2 languages starting with an average of 80th position. Withing 3 weeks we had one of the main terms on the first page and started driving 15-20 transactions a week. By month 4 transactions had improved 120% and 50% of our target keywords were on page 1. At the time of writing 70% of our keywords were on Page 1 and monthly revenue has increased 4x compared to the old site, after 5 months of the campaign.With the online store now accounting for 90% of their revenue